Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Why I Believe Law of Attraction and Abraham-Hicks Are True

I felt compelled to write this, and to affirm my beliefs. It initially started as a series of thoughts, but I then decided to make it my next blog post – about time:-)

I believe in the information being presented by Abraham-Hicks. The main reason I believe is because it’s saying we are responsible for our lives, for our well-being. It’s not fate, destiny, karma, luck, it’s us. We ultimately choose whether we go up or we go down through the power of our thoughts and beliefs – that makes incredible sense to me. I’ve seen firsthand what constant thoughts of worrying, fear, and self-doubt create – a pretty miserable existence. I’ve also seen what happens when I start to lift my thoughts and focus on the things that bring me joy – I feel a lot better, and the world is a lot brighter.

Right now, though, I still have trouble focusing on that better, brighter world. The world that was created through fear and pain still haunts me. Learning to value myself is often the most difficult “task” of all, as I still assign blame to myself for past happenings. I think doing that is another way to stay stuck. To concentrate on the past keeps me right there in that realm, not allowing me to move forward. Yet, that past brought me to this present where I have the knowledge to improve and to be the person I believe I can be.

What I’ve been reading from Abraham-Hicks is teaching me so much. It’s not always easy to apply what I’m learning, and it isn’t instant, but I still believe. If nothing else, it feels so much better to concentrate on what I want than worrying about what I don’t want or what I fear will happen. Right now, I’ve been a little more in that fear place, and worrying a lot about finances and the future. Both my mom and I are hurting from the loss of both of her parents in less than a year, and feeling lonely, too. I sit here writing this, and tears are coming to my eyes. I don’t want to admit that I’m in “that place”.

Yet I haven’t given up hope, and I do still believe. I know the Law of Attraction works, and I feel the truth in every page I’ve read from Abraham-Hicks. I know that both my mom and I are beautiful, talented, good people with so much to share; and we deserve to have wonderful things manifest in our lives. We will get there; we just need to allow ourselves grace and time to heal and to create what we want.

I love knowing that we can and will make it better.

The two Abraham-Hicks books I have now and recommend are Ask and It Is Given and Money, and the Law of Attraction.

Photo above taken yesterday. The orchards in central Cali have been blooming like crazy:-)