Monday, April 9, 2012

Southwest Spring

Once again, time has flown by faster than I can keep track! Last time I posted, it was just after it had snowed. Today, we're in the 70's and bright and sunny. Supposed to change again soon, but in the meantime, it's time to share some spring photos, so you can see what blooms in high desert southwest gardens. I hope you enjoy them:-)

Painted Lady Butterfly
"Blossoming", Painted Lady Butterfly on plum tree blossoms.

butterfly on blossoms

Vanessa cardui
"Blooming Butterfly" In all the time I spent photographing fruit tree blossoms in California, I never saw butterflies on them. It was warmer there than here, so they were definitely out. However, my theory is that they stayed away because of all the pestcides, which leads me to my next photo and lightbulb moment...

peach tree blossoms
"Peachy", peach tree blossoms smell divine! Okay, that might sound like something I should have known since I stood in orchards with hundreds to thousands of trees. The whole air should have been perfumed, right? It was with the orange blossoms, but not the peach or nectarines. To be honest, the only thing I ever smelled was a chemical scent. Until I met this tree in someone's yard, I had no idea how delicious the scent was, and I was blown away.

yellow daffodil

"Sunny Side"
, can't ignore the daffodils!

"Sun Stars"

"A Graceful Nod"

plum tree blossoms

I hope spring has been just as beautiful in your corner of the world!


Linda Foley Miller said...

Erica, Your photos are absolutely beautiful. Fantastic color & clarity.

Erica Lea said...

Thank you so much, Linda, I really appreciate your words!