Friday, December 30, 2016

Dragonflies 1

Female Widow Skimmer Dragonfly (Libellula luctuosa)
Female Widow Skimmer (Libellula luctuosa), "Centered"
I've become even more obsessed with photographing dragonflies over the years. They're so magical to watch, though they're fearsome predators, too. Now that I've restarted my blog, I have a place to start posting all the photos I've taken:-) This is the first group, all taken in 2016. I still have more to edit! It's nice to have so many pictures, though, because I really miss seeing them in winter. I have plenty of other bugs and things to post, too. I don't think I'll be running out of photos any time soon... I try to id correctly, but if I have anything wrong, please let me know. I belong to a fantastic group on Facebook, featuring Odonata from all around the world, and I've been learning a lot: Dragonflies & Damselflies (you have to join to see posts). It's cool to see how many people are fascinated with these intricate creatures!

Male Blue-eyed Darner Dragonfly (Rhionaeschna multicolor)
Male Blue-eyed Darner (Rhionaeschna multicolor), I'm always amazed when I do catch an in-flight shot!
Male Western Pondhawk Dragonfly (Erythemis collocata)
Male Western Pondhawk (Erythemis collocata), what a face:-)
Male Vivid Dancer Damselfly (Argia vivida)
Male Vivid Dancer (Argia vivida), I can't resist damselflies, either.
Male Eight-spotted Skimmer Dragonfly (Libellula forensis)
Male Eight-spotted Skimmer (Libellula forensis), "Balanced"
Male Blue Dasher Dragonfly (Pachydiplax longipennis)
Male Blue Dasher (Pachydiplax longipennis)
Male Gray Sanddragon (Progomphus borealis) one of my most unusual finds this year - have a whole series of him eating.
Male Blue-eyed Darner Dragonfly (Rhionaeschna multicolor)
Male Blue-eyed Darner (Rhionaeschna multicolor), "Persevere" - tattered but still gorgeous.
Female Variegated Meadowhawk Dragonfly (Sympetrum corruptum)
Female Variegated Meadowhawk (Sympetrum corruptum), probably the easiest dragonfly for me to photograph.
Male Black Saddlebags Dragonfly (Tramea lacerata)
Male Black Saddlebags (Tramea lacerata), and one hardest for me to catch, usually in the air and very wary when perched.

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