Thursday, January 1, 2009

A New Year a New Challenge!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! May 2009 and beyond offer you many wonderful opportunities and blessings!

It does seem a good time to make changes, and in that vein, I’ve decided to change my daily challenge. After 35 horses, I believe I’ve proven to myself that I can indeed draw again:-) I’ve proven it so well, that I want to do more. I want to draw in color, and I want to do other subjects. In fact, I’ve started something new tonight. However, it’s going to take a little longer because it is color.

I’ve become much faster through doing my horse ACEO’s, but color still takes more time, and I want to do my best. I don’t want to rush just to produce something each day. Yet I want to keep up with my challenge, and produce as much as I can. I’m going to change the name to Erica Lea’s Drawing Challenge, and go from there:-)

So, to symbolize change and color and productivity, I’ve gone through all my photos and picked this shot of one of my African Violets. It’s very bright and colorful, isn’t it? The colors became much deeper as the temps cooled. It’s also my most prolific bloomer at the moment, and hasn’t stopped since it came in the mail this year. Its name is “Mac’s Galactic Glory”, and it’s a chimera. In violet terms, that means it doesn’t propagate true from leaves like other violets. If you propagate from a leaf, you’ll most like get something different from the mother plant. So there you have it, change, color, and productivity!

I love my African Violets, and have about 45 now. That’s a story for another day;-) In the meantime, I hope you’ll follow me on my artistic and life journey here. It’s been pretty amazing so far!

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GreenEyedGems said...

That picture is BEAUTIFUL!!! Thanks for following my blog :) I'm looking forward to your updates!