Monday, May 24, 2010

One Butterfly...

And about 200 photos! I got caught up in the moment when I spotted this West Coast Lady butterfly (Vanessa arabella) visiting recently. It was just so awesome that she (or he) stayed around - she would fly off, then come back over because she really liked that Homestead Verbena. I kept following her and clicking away:-) I had to move very slowly, because the slighest movement sent her flying. Anyways, following are just of few of my favorite shots - which one do you like best? I've put the 1st in our shop, and I'm not sure if I'll add another. I love butterflies - here's hoping for more photo opps soon!

"Pretty Lady"

west coast lady butterfly


vanessa arabella, west coast lady

"Strike a Pose!"

west coast lady butterfly

"Digging in!"

west coast lady

"Sideways Swirl"


Nature ID said...

Great pictures!

mywifesstudio said...

Gorgeous, what beautiful colors!

Nature ID said...

Hello, Erika Lea. For some reason I feel compelled to share another blog with you. I think you might like it. Hope you and your mom are doing well.

Erica Lea said...

Thank you both! And, Katie, your timing couldn't have been better to share that blog:-)

Anonymous said...

Hi, love the beautiful butterflies!

Erica Lea said...

Thanks for stopping by, Jacqueline, and for your kind comment:-) I know my blog is in desperate need of updating. I've met some incredible butterflies this past year!