Monday, June 7, 2010

Back to the Birds!

Okay, I've been bad about blogging again, even though I have tons of photos to share. No excuses, just going to get back to it:-) So, here's a little bird journey to get things started again...

acorn woodpecker nesting

"Peek A Boo!" First is an Acorn Woodpecker peeking out of the nest hole. I could hear the babies inside:-) This parent kept a wary eye on me, though I couldn't get too close, because the tree was off the road and down a little incline. It's amazing that they can fit through such a small hole!

lark sparrow

Next, "Snacktime" is a Lark Sparrow who landed as we were coming up the road - lucky catch for him and for me!

western bluebird

"Mrs. Bluebird", a female Western Bluebird we chanced upon. They're such beautiful birds, aren't they?

western meadowlark

"Sun on My Back" is a Western Meadowlark. We think s/he is pretty young, judging by the feathers (which also look wet), and the fact that s/he stayed for so long with a car right alongside. This was actually on the opposite side of the road from me, so I was doing a contortion act to try and get some photos:-)

scrub jay

"Open Communication" - Believe it or not, as common as Scrub Jays are around here, this is the first decent shot I've gotten. They usually fly off at the least disturbance - funny, since they're such precocious birds!

turkey vulture

"Tough!" - Last, but most certainly not least, is this Turkey Vulture. While Turkey Vultures are also common, they don't usually sit on the fence posts as we're driving past, lol! This one allowed us to get quite close. We think there was something they were dining on out in the field on the other side of the fence, so s/he didn't want to leave. Unfortunately, this was the wrong side of the light, but I couldn't exactly get out and change things;-) Still can't believe how this big bird is balanced on that post. Even more amazing, s/he was first balanced around a t-post on the wire - ouch!

Hope you've enjoyed this journey - stay tuned, more to come, I promise:-)

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Kelly said...

awesome birds! I loved the vulture! :) I wish i could get such good shots of birds. Im thinking i need another camera, or more patience :) I truly enjoyed these!