Sunday, October 31, 2010


Yup, Skye's a cat, and he was born on Halloween, 2000. He came into our lives in May, 2001. He's a purebred Persian, and the sweetest cat you'll ever meet:-) We've had other Persians, who have since passed, and they've all been lovebugs. While they are high-maintenance cats, they're also very laid-back and don't get into much cat trouble (no counter surfing unless there's a way for them to step up to it, no curtain swinging, etc.;-).

Skye spends most of his day in true cat fashion, asleep. Because of his flat face, he snores, lol! When he is awake, he just wants to be petted and loved. He'll meow (loud and raspy!) and make a pest of himself until you do:-) He's also got the fine art of plopping down the spot where you're most likely to trip over him - or getting up when you do, and running right in front of your legs.

He's not big on being held, but he loves to be petted - he'll make biscuits the whole time, and purrs as loud as a freight train. He doesn't have a mean bone in his body... Well, except for when it comes to getting a bath. Persians tend to get oily/dandruffy and their hair starts to mat if they don't get bathed. Our others didn't mind that much, but Skye hollers and screams so loud the whole time that the neighbors probably think we're killing him! He doesn't get too many baths nowadays, to keep his stress level down - it wears him out too much. He doesn't mind being shaved (the full body pic shows a little of this year's haircut), which keeps him cleaner longer. We've had to shave him since moving here because summers are so hot. He loves being groomed, and will follow you around when he sees the brushes come out:-)

Skye is strictly indoors, and always has been. We believe all cats should be indoors for a variety of reasons (however, we know how hard it can be to turn an outdoor cat into an indoor one). Persians are foo-foo cats, though, and aren't meant to survive outdoors. They were created at the whim of humans, and are dependent on us to take care of all that hair and to clean that smooshy-face.

Anyways, Happy Birthday to the sweetest cat in the world! Skye, it's been an honor to have you in our lives, and we hope there are many more years still to come. You are so very special, and I wish everyone could know the joy of such a wonderful cat:-)

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pinkglitterfae said...

Awww, he's a cutie! Happy Birthday to Skye- smooshie face
we have a himalayan/persian mix and she is such a love bug...I will never be without persian cats after seeing how wonderful they are