Monday, October 18, 2010


This October has seen some weather extremes - lots of rain, then up into the 90's again, back to more rain (unusual here). Yesterday, it was a little cloudy, but we decided to take a drive just to get out. It started raining right after we got into the hills. We almost turned around, then thought what the heck;-) The air smelled so good, and it was so awesome and refreshing to be out in the rain. The thunder and lightning came a little close, but just spiced things up a little - actually, the animals didn't seem to phased by it, which was surprising. Unfortunately, the conditions weren't great for photos, and they were all a little dark. After some editing, these are the best of the bunch, and I thought I'd share:-)

raindrops on leaf

Just to prove there were actual raindrops... Woo hoo!

horse, rain

This cutie is a bit u-necked (looked young, so maybe just needs some muscles), but was a total sweetie. She and her pal, below, came over for pets and scratches:-)

black horse eye

"Black Eye" - Couldn't resist the opportunity to add to my horse eye photo collection! He was a very mellow fellow.


Buckeyes bring a little light to a dark spot.

woodpecker, acorns, phone pole

"What's One More?" Guess nothing's going to stop a woodpecker from pecking;-)

lark sparrow, rain, bath

In the same vein, apparently it wasn't raining hard enough for this Lark Sparrow. There was a little group of them in the middle of the road bathing. They weren't close enough to get a real good shot from inside the car, but still funny. Like little kids playing in puddles!

sparrow, barbed wire

On the other hand, this little sparrow is taking a break and trying to dry off.

california quail, rain, stump

"Might as well Jump!" - If only there had been more light and time, this would have been the shot of the day! My mom spotted this guy as we rounded a corner, but there was a truck coming from the other side. I only had a second before he left with the rest of his group. This was so dark, that I really had to edit it to get it to this point. There were lots of quail out and about, but they always scurry into the brush so quickly - not that I blame them, but they're so handsome, I always try to catch them:-)

calf portrait

And this is a teaser shot for my next post. This handsome little guy was photographed yesterday, too, but you have to stay tuned to see some very humorous cows coming to my blog this week...

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Wow! Beautiful shots!