Monday, March 14, 2011


I have lots of new photos to share, have been taking way more than I can keep up with, lol! Starting with just a few bees, though, because I love them so much. Plus, while they might make some people nervous, when I'm in an orchard or around flowers with the sound of bees buzzing in the air, it just feels like I'm surrounded by the most wonderful energy:-) As you probably know, honey bees are in crisis right now, so plant lots of flowers and garden organically to attract them to your garden - bee prepared to bee mesmerized;-)

Anthophora urbana

honey bee, pink flower, fruit tree, blossom

"Don't Let Go!"

"Eye Spy"

Anthophora urbana
"Bee Ballet"

I don't think I've ever shared any bee wisdom or medicine on my blog. I've researched them on several sites - here are just a few of the traits they represent:

*Accomplishing the impossible - looking at the bees above, hanging on determined to get their pollen; they prove you can reach your goals:-) Also, the way bees are built, they shouldn't be able to fly, but they do.
*Be productive without overdoing it, remember to "savor the honey of life". Also, are you actually working and being productive, or just being busy?
*Bees show the value of working as a community.
*Enjoy the sweetness of life.
And, two of several traits from my favorite quick reference site Animal Spirits:
*Understanding female warrior energy

These photos are of honey bees and Anthophora urbana (I believe, but if not, please let me know). All are available in our shops (which the photos link to), because I bee-lieve I'm not alone in my love of bees:-)


birdy said...

Wonderful captures! Love bee and flower combination.

Erica Lea said...

Thank you so much:-)