Wednesday, March 23, 2011


If pink and white flower blossoms are your favorite, then this is the post for you! It doesn't seem to matter how many photos I take of these beauties, I can't get enough:-) This first photo was actually taken by my mom, Nancy, and edited by me. She realized she could see a different perspective from where she was sitting in the car, said how good her view was, and so I handed her the camera. She was right - look at this gorgeous view, and what a great photo!

peach trees, flowers

"Pink Think"

pink flower
"Pretty Pink Petals"

fruit tree flowers
"Light Up"

"Soft and Bright"


"Reach Out"

white fruit tree flower
"Bright Beauty"

"Clouds of Pink"

pear tree blossoms


Nature ID (Katie) said...

Love that first photo!!!

Anonymous said...

Great photos. Makes me wish I'd take pictures once in a while!


Erica Lea said...

Thanks, Mike and Katie! And, yes, Mike, you should:-)