Monday, March 15, 2010

Back on Track!

I needed a mini-break from my blog, hence my absence these past few days. Even though I have lots of ideas, I was having brain-freeze when it actually came time to post something (must be all those Icees I drink;-). Anyways, I'm back on track, and sharing several recent photos. I hope you enjoy them, and if you know what the weird creature is on the last photo, please share - sometimes it's hard to know where to start searching for insect id's.

california quail

"Hide-n-seek" We startled a covey of quail as we were driving, and they went up into the trees. Very hard to see, but I was able to capture this gentleman:-)

"Emerging", beautiful wildflower, terrible name: Blue-dick.

ground squirrel

"Blending In", this ground squirrel thought if he stayed real still, he was invisible;-)

california poppies

"Sun Dance", California Poppies can have the best shadows!

insect, macro

"Alien", there were several of these along with other weird flying insects on this Mountain Whitethorn (Ceanothus cordulatus). What are they?


Linda said...

Beautiful Photography Erica, its so sunshiney, I wish we would get a bit, its all rain here in the UK. Lindax

Linda said...

Come on by and pick up the sunshine award, no pressure play it or post it how you like,Lindax

Erica Lea said...

Thanks, Linda! Actually, I wish I was where you are:-)