Friday, March 5, 2010

No Excuses

Okay, I finally missed a day. No excuses! So, here I am hoping to make it up with a small collection of pink blossom photos. These were taken this year and last. I have a lot from last year that I haven't published - not because they weren't worthy, but because I have that addiction problem where I just keep taking more and more photos before I finish with the last batch:-) I hope you enjoy these, too, and if you have a favorite, I really hope you'll leave a comment. I also need to figure out those survey things, but for now...

honey bee, pink flowers

"Dear Life" (Hanging on for)

soft pink blossoms, flowers

"Pretty in Pink!"

pale pink, flowers, fruit tree

"Softly Seeking the Light"

pink blooms, petals, flowers "Confection"

bright pink flower, honey bee

"Bee Good!"

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