Monday, March 29, 2010

Just some photos...

From a recent trip to Sequoia National Park and one of our drives, more to come! Hope you enjoy these:-)

black phoebe, bird

"Hi, Phoebe!" Continuing my ongoing saga with the Black Phoebe, we spotted this singing cutie at Sequoia - way up high, of course!


I now believe this is "Elegant Rock Cress", or Arabella sparsiflora var. arcuata.


"Bokeh Fun" Ever see something that looks cool, but you're not sure how a photo will come out? Well, this is one of those shots for me, and I think it worked:-) **Any guesses on what the background is here?**

grass nut, wildflower, ithuriels spear

"Grass Nut" or "Ithuriel's Spear" is just starting to bloom in the foothills.

fiesta flower, wildflower, bee

Sun shining through a "Fiesta Flower" (Pholistoma auritum) with a visitor.

fiesta flowers

"A Little View" Fiesta Flowers are all over right now - such delicate beauties!

western kingbird

And, yay, the Western Kingbirds are back in the foothills! I say "yay", because they've been some of the best ones for landing and staying as we drive by:-)

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