Monday, February 8, 2010

Seasonal Visitor

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In autumn of 2008, we noticed a cute, noisy, and very active little bird flitting around our home. We researched, and quickly learned that our visitor was a Black Phoebe. They’re a type of flycatcher, and according to All About Birds, they’re most common in the southwest. I’m including the link to All About Birds, because it’s an awesome site! Anyways, the Black Phoebe stayed for several months. We learned that s/he (males and females seem to be marked the same) was only after the insects, and had no interest in the feeders or suet we had up at the time. I also learned that Black Phoebes are very fast little flitterers:-)

black phoebe, bird
S/he returned this autumn, and I have yet to get that one really “Wow!” photo. This little bird is constantly on the go, even if it’s just singing all along the wall surrounding us. S/he is always chirping away – it’s a loud and cheerful call. When not singing, the Phoebe is on the hunt, flying from the wall to the field out back over and over again.

black phoebe, bird, weeds
If the Phoebe isn’t on the go from hunting, s/he is quick to fly off if I try to go outside and get photos. So, I’ve taken them through the windows, which at least provides a record of our visitor. The one shot on the weed is all the way out on my 55-250mm lens, and was taken outside. The antenna photo was also taken outside as I stood on the steps we have next to the wall, and angled my body and camera around our shed to see up there. As you may have noticed, there’s an interesting cross on the Phoebe’s chest. This is from the actual old antenna, which is just above the Phoebe here.

black phoebe, bird, antenna
These photos are the best I’ve taken so far of our fun little seasonal visitor. However, I haven’t given up on getting something better (to my eyes, at least:-). I love the challenge, and I also love the joy that having this unique seasonal bird brings to us!

What seasonal birds do you have? We have different hummingbird species that pass through later on, though some Anna’s stay all year. I’m also crossing my fingers that our Hooded Orioles come back this spring, and I get better photos of them, too. I love birds, and these special visitors liven up a location that really needs all the beauty it can get!

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pinkglitterfae said...

Your photos look pretty good to me! love the first one especially, what a handsome bird!