Monday, November 24, 2008

A Horse a Day Challenge # 3 - Arabian Foal SOLD

arabian horse foal
Due to an unexpected interruption this evening, I didn't have as much drawing time as I'd planned. I know, excuses, excuses;-) You try getting off the phone with a drunk ex-relative (aunt by marriage) repeating the same sad story from 1982, over, and over, and over... Seriously. I'm too nice, I guess, but I listened - for too long.

So, this is an Arabian foal, to be completed tomorrow asap. By the time this posts, it will be tomorrow, but a little later than that, lol! Will also have the next horse in the series still coming tomorrow, too.

Arabian foals are so beautiful, and I'll probably do more than one. Kind of a personal love of mine:-) All foals are adorable, aren't they?

Till tomorrow...

And, viola, the finished version! Still experimenting with getting the most accurate tones, hence the difference in darkness between the two.
arabian foal, drawing

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earthmama said...

I enjoyed my stroll through your blog. Your horse drawings are beautiful. My 7yo LOVES horses, she spied them from across the room!

Peace, Jesse