Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Horse a Day Challenge - Gypsy Vanner #2

gypsy vanner horse drawing
I made it! Trying to get a decent representation to post is taking almost as long as the drawings. Small and black and white seems to challenge both my scanner and my camera, but I'll improve:-) In the meantime, please know that these drawings are much more detailed in real life.

So, this is what I wrote for this card:

This card is number two in a challenge I’ve set for myself. I intend to offer a new horse card each day. This is a handsome black and white Gypsy Vanner. I fell in love with these horses when I came across them a while back. They are a smaller draft-type of horse that come in many different colors; they’re known for their super long flowing manes, tails, and even “feathers” on their legs. They’re known for being both extremely beautiful and very useful horses – pulling carts, being ridden in different styles by both adults and children. They were and are bred by the Gypsies of England and Ireland, and are now becoming popular in America. They look like fairy tale horses come to life:-)

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