Sunday, November 2, 2008

Scent of a Rose

tamora rose
We’ve all read about scents triggering memories, and have maybe even found ourselves transported a time or two by a magical fragrance. I, for one, love the scent of Play-Doh – I can open a can, breathe in, and feel like a kid again!

The other day, I was transported back by a rose – the scent of which lingers in my memory even now. Not just any rose, but the very first bloom on a recently purchased mail-order rose. A rose specifically acquired because of my recollections of its beauty and fragrance. The name of this rose? ‘Tamora’, a David Austin English rose – one I’d put at the top of any rose lover’s list.

So, the bloom had finally opened up, and I went over for a look see. Because she’s in a one gallon pot as she grows up some, I could hold her right up to my nose. I inhaled, and inhaled, and inhaled – the scent was sooooo yummy and so redolent of times gone by… It brought tears to my eyes.

You see, the five years ago I've mentioned? Well, I used to have a huge garden; it was a bit out-of-control, because of my passion for roses and ongoing search for perfect companion plants. I had over 100 roses – in the ground, in containers, and many awaiting homes. When I say add ‘Tamora’ to the top of the list, I know what I’m writing about:-)

My old ‘Tamora’ lived in half of a wine cask with a lavender clematis climbing behind her, and various trailing plants in front. In full bloom, it was a stunning combination. I have film photos somewhere (possibly in storage). If I find a copy here, I’ll scan and post. She came from Heirloom Roses. We used to be able to drive there, and I always hit their yearly sales – gorgeous, gorgeous place.

So, every now and then, I still look at their website. Recently, they had an online sale. ‘Tamora’ was on the list. How could I resist? My passion for roses lay dormant for a while, but has been eagerly re-emerging:-)

I’m so grateful I didn’t resist, though the feeling she evokes is both joyful and bittersweet. I lost that garden, I lost that home – I know I can’t ever get that back. However, I can recreate and enjoy beauty again.

It’s been a long, hard road to get to the place that allows me to feel I have that right again. Yet that road has been filled with learning, growth, and ultimately, the knowledge that I haven’t lost me...

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Anonymous said...

I absolutely agree with you on the Tamora rose, I have one that gives me so much joy when it blooms. The smell is heavenly, one not repeated by any other rose I have ever smelled before.

You will be okay, you will have your rose garden again! Love your hummingbird shots too...beautiful.