Saturday, November 29, 2008

A Horse A Day Challenge #7 - Standardbred

This horse is really 11/28/08. Started yesterday, but was feeling a bit off, so I didn't get the drawing done:-( Getting back up to speed today! :-) And - still having our sale on Etsy!

This card is number seven in a challenge I’ve set for myself. I intend to offer a new horse card each day. This is a Standardbred portrait. Standardbreds are the horses you see on racetracks pulling a cart, trotting faster than you’d think possible! I created this drawing because we watched the movie “The Great Dan Patch” with my grandmother during our Thanksgiving visit. I hadn’t ever heard of the movie, and knew little about Dan Patch. He truly was a great horse – undefeated in his career, and the fastest trotter of his day (the early 1900’s). He was so great, he wound up racing against himself to beat his own records! This portrait isn’t of Dan Patch, but captures the overall look of the Standardbred. They’re similar in type to Thoroughbreds, but more muscular and longer. They're handsome and awesome to watch!

**Please note that this card is much more detailed in real life - this is the closest I could get it. I am still experimenting with both photographing and scanning these drawings for the best result.

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