Monday, February 22, 2010

Bull and Wildflowers

bull, santa gertrudis, cow
Well, not together, but I promised to share a regular photo of the bull we met recently. I thought I'd throw in a few flower photos, and make it today's post:-) The bull needs a good grooming/cleaning, but I can't imagine who would get that task, lol! He sure was handsome - this photo shows his color a little better than the others.

fiddleneck, wildflower, flower
Fiddlenecks totally cover the foothills this time of year. I think they're beautiful, but imagine the ranchers don't like them since they're almost too profuse. Better than star thistle, though!

lupine, wildflower, blue
One of the seasons first lupine - I love these flowers! They're hard to get photos of sometimes, though, because they can get so tall it's hard to get the whole flower. There will be white ones and more purply ones soon:-)

popcorn flower, wildflower, white
And this little white beauty is the Popcorn Flower... honest! It has a much longer Latin name that I'm too lazy to type. Plus, "Popcorn Flower" sounds like more fun, doesn't it?

Hope you've enjoyed this little bull and wildflower journey. I remembered while typing this that I actually do think I have a photo of bull in wildflowers. We'll save that for another day...

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Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor said...

Simply beautiful! I love the lupine. Bulls and flowers reminds me of teh story of Ferdinand the Bull.