Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sweet Sighting!

male american goldfinch
When taking our drives, we always hope that the birds will land on the fence, stay for a moment, and be on the right side of the light. Got lucky with the first two for these American Goldfinches:-) I took these from inside the car, and only had a couple of seconds before they disappeared. First I saw Mr. Goldfinch, then Mrs. Goldfinch landed (at least I think they're male and female...). According to the All About Birds website, American Goldfinches are only here in winter/the non-breeding season. You can see they're still in winter plumage here. I suppose they'll be gone soon, but it's sure a treat to see them! And, hey, I got a little closer than my last photo Goldfinch in fall. They're such beautiful little birds, aren't they?

female american goldfinch

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button said...

As I am scrolling down your blog, the photos of the birds get better and better. They are one of Natures special wonders.
:o) button