Friday, February 12, 2010

I Didn't Mean to Turn You On...

bull, red bull, cow, santa gertrudis bull, central california, foothills, canon digital rebel, canon efs 55-250mm is, nature visions, erica lea

Taken today, I had a little fun and put two shots together. Not sure if this bull was upset at me, or if he liked me - the red hair;-) I'd been taking his photo, when I noticed a bird fly up near me and land on a fence post. So, I was busily taking the bird's photo when the bull started mooing LOUDLY! He got my attention for sure, lol! I was kind of wondering if the barbed wire fence was enough to stop him if he decided he didn't like me there. He was a hunk, though, so I took my chances. I'll post a normal portrait of him soon, but just wanted to share this for tonight. Enjoy:-)

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