Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My Prize from Jenjie’s Stuff:-)

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Recently, I was scrolling through my Facebook stream when I spotted my name and the mention of a prize. I hastily went back to the entry, and sure enough I’d won! What I’d won, I had no idea, since I hadn’t entered anything. Turns out Jennifer, of Jenjie’s Stuff, was celebrating the fact that they’d reached over 200 fans on their Facebook Fan Page. They’d held a random drawing, and my name was selected – yay!

I was allowed my choice of anything in their store, $25 or less. I fell in love with their “Dream Pillow”! Not only was it really cute, but the concept just hit a chord within me. It was actually meant for a younger audience, but as I told Jennifer when I wrote to her that I really loved the idea of the pocket to store your dream list:-) I said that we adults needed to hold on to our dreams, too, and the pocket was a great idea! I also thought these pillows would be awesome with other inspirational words, which Jennifer was kind enough to say she might use.

I love my little pillow, and also think it would be a wonderful gift idea, so decided to feature it on my blog. Jennifer doesn’t know yet that I’m doing this. I promised her photos, but thought a much bigger thank you was in order! It’s not every day you win something, and not only that, get to pick the something you want:-) Winning my Dream Pillow from Jenjie’s Stuff was a definite day brightener, and a terrific prize! If you’re interested in a pillow of your own, please don’t hesitate to contact Jennifer – I know she’d be happy to make you one:-)

dream pillow back, jenjie's stuff, etsy

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Jenjie said...

Thanks so much for the lovely feature Erica! You are too kind.