Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Always Look on the Bright Side!

Since I'm feeling a little off-color today, and uninspired, I'm posting my favorite off-color video;-) It's sure to offend somebody, but oh well... I absolutely love this movie and its irreverence! I actually met Eric Idle when I worked at Best Friends Animal Society. I had no idea he was visiting, but the day after we'd watched "Life of Brian" for our second time, I learned he was at the sanctuary (believe it or not!). I saw him at "the Village" during lunch, and happened to see him again outside as I was returning to work. I mustered the courage to go up to him and tell him he sang one of my most favorite songs ever, lol! He probably thought I was nuts, but that's okay - he was very nice. He couldn't escape because he had a broken leg at the time, poor guy. The experience sure made my day, though:-)

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