Friday, February 19, 2010

The Three Kings

western meadowlark, bird
As we were coming down from the foothills yesterday, we came around the bend and happened to see this Western Meadowlark on the rocks above. These rocks were out in a fenced pasture, with visibility all around, so no way to sneak up on him. I did get out of the car, though, and aimed up at him for fun:-) May I just say that the Meadowlark really does have one of the most beautiful, glorious birdsongs?! Listening to him sing was magical!

As I turned away from him, I saw the California Quail on the rocks to the right. He was even farther out, but I thought it was cool that he was there, too.

california quail, bird
And if these two mighty males weren't enough, I realized that there was a third bird on the rocks behind the Meadowlark. I believe this is a Mockingbird, though it's kind of hard to tell, I know, lol!

mockingbird, bird
Each of these birds was King of their spot on the rocks, and rightfully so... Well, until the next came along, right? It was certainly an unusual sight, but a joyful one, for sure!

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