Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Unique Photo of the Day!

anna's hummingbird, bird, flying, feeder
This morning I heard a bird outside, realized it was close, so grabbed my camera as I got up to look. It was a Flicker. It was out where the hawk was the other day, but flew away as I was focusing through the window. As I started to put the camera down, I saw this little hummingbird approaching the feeder. I was trying to adjust my settings, because this spot was much brighter than where the Flicker had been, but just went ahead and took the photo for fun.

I thought the results were kind of cool! I believe this little guy is going for the drops on the underside that you can see. Last year, we had a pair of Hooded Orioles show up at our feeders, so I started leaving 2 holes open on this feeder. It drips some from those holes. The reasons that they're still uncovered are not only because we're hoping the Orioles return, but also because we've discovered that the hummingbirds with the deformed beaks can drink more easily from them. Sadly, we do still see a lot of sick hummingbirds, and it's a topic I need to delve into more. I've never seen this anywhere else, and it's heartbreaking. I was going to link the photos that are elsewhere on this blog, but don't want to make this a sad post.

For now, we'll celebrate the healthy hummingbirds - I believe that more are starting to come around again, yay!

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