Thursday, December 4, 2008

A Horse a Day Challenge #13 - Arabian Mare

Back to normal for tonight's horse! I did experiment with blending sticks, since I found some small ones I'd ordered by mistake a while back. They're the perfect size for these, go figure;-)

I'm still experimenting with scanning. I wish the dimensions for Etsy were smaller, because I lose sharpness and detail when I enlarge it to their size. Oh well, gives me a chance to play and try different things. This one was actually scanned in color...

Below is part of my Etsy blurb about this card - fancy my drawing another Arab;-)

When you check out the series, you’ll see I already have an Arabian stallion, a foal, and so now there’s a mare! Ethereal beauties, it’s hard to believe the incredible endurance and strength Arabian mares possess. Full of grace but tough and proud – the heritage of this desert survivor. They are valued beyond measure. My card honors their extreme beauty, and my love for the Arabian horse.

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