Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Horse a Day Challenge #24 - Appaloosa

I finaly did the Appaloosa! Took a while to convince myself - I actually thought spots would be harder than hair (like on the eyes), but they weren't. Well, except that I found they smudged really easily, so was glad for my battery eraser to clean things up. Plus, I could be a little creative with the pattern, which was fun. I knew I had to do a leopard spot Appy because you wouldn't know it was an Appaloosa from a graphite head drawing otherwise;-)

Here's a little of the text for Etsy:
"The Appaloosa comes in many colors and spotted patterns. They often have pink skin around their eyes and lips. They can be spotted all over like this (leopard spot), or have a solid color with a blanket of spots on the rear. Probably the hardest part of this drawing was not going overboard with the forelock and mane, because the “Appy” is known for having a rather thin mane and tail (and I’m known for drawing rather thick ones). The Appy was originally developed by the Nez Perce people, and usually the horse portrayed in art and movies featuring Native Americans. Nowadays, they are most often western horses, but can do many different things. They certainly brighten up any arena!"

Hope you enjoy him:-)

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