Sunday, December 21, 2008

A Horse A Day Challenge #28 - Palomino Horse Photo

I confess, my drawing “mojo” was off this weekend. I decided yesterday that I would make an “Executive decision” and make Saturday my day off from drawing a horse a day. I got to today, and started a little later than I should have - because I decided to try something new. It’s now 11:20 p.m., and both my mom and I agreed that it just doesn’t look right. The head placement was just enough off, and I can’t correct it without erasing the whole body. Yes, a whole body – doesn’t that make you wonder? ;-)

I wanted to try a whole horse for a change. I do my research first, and work from about five photos of a breed. I know what every breed looks like, but it helps to see more detail so I make sure to get it right. I don’t copy anyone’s photos but my own. It’s wrong to copy because you’re stealing someone else’s work. Frankly, I think it’s harder to copy a photo than to come up with my own composition. Artistic license, and all – I’d much rather make my own face, pattern and mane, etc. I hope to accept commissions in the near future, but even for those, I’d want several views of the animal.

Of course, in this case my artistic license didn’t work! I was turning my face just enough one way that when I put the body in, it was off. I didn’t see for quite a while, though it was niggling at me. So, I showed it to my mom to see what she thought, and she noticed right away. I realized it couldn’t be salvaged, and it’s too late to start something new. Graphite goes faster for me than colored pencil, but not that much faster…

Tomorrow’s another day!

I’m placing the photo I took last weekend of the beautiful Palomino horse in the pasture with the donkey (whose eye was #22). Unlike the donkey, the Palomino was very wary of my presence. I’m not sure if it was a mare or gelding, but am leaning towards mare. Breed is unknown, too. Palomino refers to the coloring, and many breeds can be Palomino. She looks a bit like an American Saddlebred, doesn’t she? Tall, and long, elegant face…

Whatever her breed, she was a lovely horse! I was so glad that even though she ducked away under the tree, I managed to get a pretty photo of her. She gets to be horse #28.

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