Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Horse a Day Challenge #25 - Arabian Filly

A new baby! And another Arabian, now there's a surprise;-) Wonder what I'm putting in place with the Law of Attraction? I hadn't really thought of that before now, which surprises me, but I'll be curious to see.

Anyways, I'm early as always - that is, if this was for Thursday, since it's 12:20 a.m. now. I was figuring out Auctiva today, and it took longer than I thought. I want to put my one lens on eBay soon, and try some other items. I've heard so much about how eBay has changed that I've been hesitant, yet I see some people are doing quite well (it's all in what you believe). We need more than one venue, so we'll be seen more:-) We also have an account with Artfire, and up and coming cool site, and will be opening a store there soon, too.

In the meantime, this little cutie's on Etsy, which is really the most amazing place for artists and crafters! Check out their forums sometime - so much good and friendly advice to anyone starting a business there.

Part of the blurb:
"This is my second Arabian foal, and is a sweet little girl. I envision her as golden chestnut with a flaxen (blonde) mane. I’ve always loved the chestnut color, maybe because I’m a redhead, too. And, of course, I love Arabian foals. There’s nothing more special than seeing them prance across the pasture, tail held high - so very proud of their tiny selves! I have to admit a soft spot for all foals and baby animals, like everyone. I just know Arabians best:-)"

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