Monday, December 29, 2008

A Horse a Day Challenge #34 - Pegasus

Just realized I hadn't blogged yet! This drawing is for 12/28 & 29. It took two days to finish, so it can stand for two days:-)

I've finally learned from someone how to size my photos so they meet Etsy's specs yet aren't so enlarged they lose detail. So, for now, I'm copying and pasting the blurb for this drawing:

This little gem was actually completed late last night (it was drawn over two days). However, between the size and the contrast with the color (a blend of 5 layers of Prismacolor), I wasn’t able to get a good scan. Instead, I waited for the right light, and took photos outside today. The results are definitely better, but not as good as real life, I promise:-)

This card was a true challenge for me, as I wanted to see if I could fit a whole horse on a card. I knew it could be done, just didn’t know how small I could draw. I found out – pretty small! Although he appears much larger here, in real life from the tip of his nose to the ears measures just 1/2 inch.

I thought I’d add to my challenge by making this a Pegasus – the beautiful flying horse of Greek mythology. I’ve loved them since I was a child, and used to dream of riding one. I don’t think I’ve ever drawn one, though, at least not as an adult. So, here he is in all winged glory!

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