Monday, December 22, 2008

A Horse a Day Challenge #29 - Zebra Foal

I did it! I took on a new subject, and my drawing mojo came back today:-) It's not the same subject I tried yesterday, but it's brand new to me. I always thought it would be a pain to draw a zebra - all those stripes! However, like the Appaloosa, it was easier than I thought. I guess it shows that when you let it flow, it does.

I'm calling this guy a zebra teenager. He isn't a tiny baby, but he isn't full grown, either. It's just the way he turned out, and I kept thinking of him as a teen. He looks like he thinks he knows it all, just to keep the younger crowd in awe of him:-)

Here's some of my Etsy blurb:

"Everyone knows zebras as the wild horses of Africa; the stripes we think are so flashy are meant to confuse predators and camouflage the zebras. They can be domesticated – I think more as a novelty than for practical purposes. Looking at their movement, I can’t imagine enjoying a smooth ride. From what I’ve read, they’re also too unpredictable to make steady performance animals. That just means they belong in the wild, right? I hope I get to see them there someday…"

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