Friday, December 19, 2008

A Horse a Day Challenge #27 - Quarter Horse Colt

Continuing my baby kick, here's a Quarter Horse colt:-) The foals are more challenging than the adult horses to me, and I'm really enjoying drawing them. They have to look like babies, they have to look like their breed, and they have to look different from each other - so far I think I've done it!

Here's the blurb on this one, which tells why the Quarter Horse was tonight's breed:

"Baby #3! After I posted #2 foal on Flickr (My Pics), one of my contacts, PaprikasPlace (also on Etsy) responded to my question, “Who knows what tomorrow will bring?” She suggested a Quarter Horse foal, and I took her suggestion. I’m always open to ideas:-) It can be helpful to have suggestions, because I sometimes have problems deciding what next. Too many choices! So, here’s a little American Quarter Horse colt. I worked at maintaining his “baby-ness” while giving emphasis of those big muscles to come. I also have an adult Quarter Horse drawing as my #6 horse here in the challenge. The do-it-all horse!"

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